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Discount Coach Tours strongly recommend you read Contiki Holidays most frequently asked questions below which is useful information for your trip so that you are well informed.

What are the cancellation fees?

Period of notice Cancellation fees
Over 45 days Deposit is forfeited
45-22 days 25% of tour cost forfeited
21-8 days 30% of tour cost forfeited
7-1 days 50% of tour cost forfeited
Day of Departure 100% of tour cost forfeited

Do you offer group tours or discounts?

Yes we do! For groups of 4 (four) or 7 (seven) and 10 (ten) or more on a standard Contiki itinerary please see the discounts offered to each group as listed below..

Are prices based on double occupancy?

Most prices are based on double occupancy, unless otherwise specified. For example, Australia and New Zealand tour prices are based on quadrouple share with twin room bookings on a request basis incurring a surcharge. Some tours offer single occupancy for an additional cost, or triple- or quad-share for a reduced price.

What’s the Earlybird Payment discount?

Contiki offers an Early Payment discount for all tours when the full tour cost is paid at least 6 months in advance. The discount amount is individual to each tour - please refer to the tour itinerary and costings for details.

For the Europe and America tours, there is a second Early Payment Discount option when the full tour cost is paid at least 6 months in advance which offers a larger discount.

Does it cost me anything to change my air itinerary?

It depends on the terms of the air reservation. Please call your travel agent to enquire.

Can I have an extension on my payment?

Unfortunately our system is pre-configured to auto-cancel any booking with an outstanding balance 45 days prior to departure.

What’s included in the price of Contiki tours?

Coach, train, air transfers and ferry transport as specified. Accommodation and meals as per each individual tour itinerary. Sightseeing and admission fees as shown under All this included on each tour itinerary.

Are the tour departures guaranteed? What is a Definite Departure?

Contiki has designated a large number of trips as Definite Departures. Check the departure calendar of the intinerary of your choice and look for dates with a green corner as they indicate definite departures. These Definite Departures are guaranteed to operate except under circumstances beyond our control. We are continually updating tours with Definite Departure status through the year to ensure that the vast majority of our departures operate as scheduled.

What happens to my deposits or money when my tour is advised non-operative?

In most instances, if not all, Contiki will provide a minimum of 6 weeks notice to give you ample time to consider our alternative offer in tour departure date, or tours that are fairly similar in duration or itinerary. In the event, alternative offers are not acceptable, Contiki will refund all the deposits or money paid in advance for your tour.

What are Contiki’s booking terms and conditions?

Please visit our Booking Terms and Conditions page.

Is smoking allowed on the trip?

All Contiki motorcoaches, mini coaches, and 4 wheel drive vehicles are smoke-free. For those dedicated puffers, we stop every couple of hours so you can light up during our stops.

Must I know the native languages of the countries I am visiting?

No worries. That is one of the benefits of traveling with Contiki. You’ll be traveling with a tour manager who knows how to get around the countries you will be visiting. However, if you have some time, it never hurts to know a few courteous, friendly words (e.g., hello, please, thank you, etc.) of the native languages of the countries you will be visiting. It does make traveling more fun and you will find that most people from these countries will appreciate the effort and will be more receptive to your visit. Please note, all tour managers and tour drivers speak english.

What happens if I’m traveling alone? Is there an extra charge?

If you’re planning on traveling alone, (and nearly half of our clients do) and don’t want to pay for a single room, we’ll set you up with a roommate — same sex, of course! However, if you really want your very own room, and one is available, it will be offered for an additional surcharge, depending on which tour you are booking.

How can my family contact me while I am traveling?

You will receive all hotel contact details with your travel documentation sent three weeks prior to departure.

Does Contiki offer transfers?

We offer transfers in certain cities for an additional fee.

How many people will be on the trip with me?

That depends on where you are going. For most of the trips, we operate luxury motorcoaches and therefore carry between 25-50 people per trip. On some trips such as Hawaii and Outback of Australia we use smaller vehicles or mini coaches which carry 8-20 people.

How strictly enforced is the age restriction of 18 to 35?

Contiki will carry passengers of 17 years if accompanied by a guardian of over 18 years (one guardian required per person). We will also carry passengers of up to 37 years of age if accompanied by a passenger within the 18 to 35 age bracket). (however, 18 to 35s is strictly enforced for our USA & Canada products).

What other nationalities will be on the trip with me?

Contiki sells its travel packages in more than 35 countries around the world. It is therefore quite typical to expect between 6-15 different nationalities on any one trip, i.e., Australians, Americans, Canadians, Germans, English, Swiss, New Zealanders, Japanese, Dutch, South Africans, Italians, Danes, Brazilians, Mexicans, Austrians, Singaporeans, Swedes, Koreans, etc.

What are the tour managers and drivers like?

We have former policemen, actors, Peace Corps volunteers, sales managers, bankers, management consultants, bartenders, psychologists, surfers, chefs, and even nuclear physicists — you name it and we’ve got ‘em. The road crew are around the same age as our travelers and they’re really fun! These guys are with you on the entire trip and give you all the info you need on the trip: city tours, histories of countries, provinces and states, fun nightlife and daytime activities, and they keep you entertained on coach rides.

On the trips to Europe, many of the crew are from Great Britain, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. On the trips in the United States, Australia and New Zealand the crew are natives of that country. Contiki has both male and female tour managers and drivers who have very different experiences prior to working for Contiki.

Will the tour director speak English?

Yes, all of our Tour Managers and Tour Drivers speak English, some speak additional languages as well, but your tour will be conducted in English.

What’s the difference between a Camping, Budget and Superior tour?

Contiki offers three ways to travel: Camping, Concept/Budget, and TimeOut/Superior. The basic difference is in the type of accommodation.

Time Out Tours

These tours are the way to go if you’re looking for a little extra comfort as you travel around Europe. If you have already seen the traditional sites of Europe, these tours offer in-depth tours of countries such as France, Spain, Morocco and Italy as well as tours of the Egypt and Turkey.

Concept Tours

Perfect for travelers looking to do a lot without spending a lot of money. Stay in special accomodations such as the French Chateau surrounded by vineyards or an alpine Chalet in Switzerland! Accommodations are twin-shares, triple-shares, or quad-shares.

Camping Tours

Crew of 3 - Driver, Tour Manager and Super-Cook: Carefully selected, highly qualified, Contiki-trained. Your Driver also trained by us is fully experienced - passing the toughest European driving tests. Your Super Cook is planner, organizer, supervisor extraordinaire! Also, is a dab-hand at helping you prepare and cook the group’s meals.

Getaways Tours

Independent Getaways are different city combinations designed to give you flexibility and freedom but still all the advantages of group travel; great value for money, coach/train/ferry transport and local knowledge and information so you can concentrate on enjoying your time to the max.

Cruising Tours

Go beyond the main continent and explore the mysteries of the Eastern Mediterranean. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture of Greece and Turkey. Sail in style on-board a Louis Hellenic or Golden Star cruise-ship to the ancient city of Istanbul, the volcanic island of Santorini or the home of the blue domed churches and crystal clear waters of Mykonos.

Are couples recommended to join a Concept tour?

For Concept tours, the room share is based on not more than 4 persons per room. And is usually matched with same gender so that many more could join the world’s most unique way to see and travel Europe, exclusively with Contiki.

And if you do not wish to let slip such wonderful and unique way to holidays on our Concept Tours, we can accept your booking and during the tour, whenever possible; our Tour Manager would allocate 2-person rooms/cabins for just the two of you. And this is often subject to cabin/room’s availability during your tour; and the gender mix for your group.

Could I re-charge my mobile and digital camera whilst on tour?

In each country you will travel, they have varying pins and power plugs to electricity source to recharge your mobile or digital camera batteries. We would suggest one to buy a Travelers’ Plug which is interchangeable and fit in for most countries.

At Concept and Camping tours, recharging can be arranged with our Resident Reps, this facility is often very limited. So we do suggest bringing sufficient batteries to last during your vacations.

How much free time will I have?

We design our trips so that you will have lots of free time to do your own thing. Not only do we schedule free time, but you can venture off on your own at any point during the trip.

What are optional activities?

We have included a great deal of activities in all our trips, but we cannot and would not want to include everything. Personal choice is important and our clients like the option of being included/or not on certain “Optionals,” i.e., Paris Nightclub show, Gondola ride in Venice, Rafting in Austria. From experience, we know which optionals have proven most popular with our clients and only these will be offered to you. These optionals do cost extra and a full list relating to your trip can be found with your final documents (or under the optionals heading of your tour online) to assist with trip budgeting. These optionals can be purchased through your tour manager when you’re on the trip. Payment for these is cash only; no credit cards will be accepted for payment on optionals (Credit cards are accepted on Australia and New Zealand tours).

Group Travel

What size Groups do you service?

We offer discounts and services to two kinds of Groups. We use the term Small Groups to refer to groups of four, seven and ten, and Custom Groups to refer to groups of 20 or more. In both instances all ‘group’ members must be traveling together on a specific itinerary and booking at the same time.

What kind of discount can my Small Group get?

Funky Four - For groups of four we offer a Funky Four discount which allows for a 5% savings when 4-6 people travel on the same tour at the same time. These tours are not customized and you must speak with a Reservations Agent to get the discount applied to the price of your tour. Super Seven - For groups of seven we offer 7.5% savings for each person traveling when a group of 7 people book the same tour at the same time. Perfect Ten - For groups of ten we offer a 10% savings to each person traveling, or the 11th person can travel for FREE!

For the Super Seven or Perfect Ten discounts, please contact your travel agent.

What is a Custom Group?

A Custom Group is a minimum of 20 people who are all traveling together on a specific itinerary and booking at the same time. All Custom Groups have exclusive use of a Contiki Tour Manager, Coach and Driver. All of our Custom Group prices are quoted on a NET, non-commissionable, per person price.

Where can my group go?

Contiki suggests you review and select one of our 70+ itineraries offered. We can then modify these itineraries to fit your group’s specific needs. Remember Contiki only operates group tours in regions of our expertise. Contiki has touring expertise in Custom Group travel in the following regions: Europe, United States including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt & Morocco

Do the passengers in a Custom Group all have to be between 18 - 35 years old?

We have operated many educational itineraries for groups containing both students and young people under the age of 18, as well as chaperones and professors over the age of 35. Asa customdeparture your groupwill have exclusive use of coach, Driver and Tour Manager. Our Tour Managers tend to be in their late 20’s / early 30’s.

We strive to provide the fun and excitement all ages enjoy and look for in any travel experience. In addition, we have experienced much success with older groups who still lead an active lifestyle and travelstyle. Contiki’s Custom Group policy for student groups requires at least 1 adult chaperone for every 10 passengers under the age of 18. These chaperones are required to stay with the group at all times. Please remember that the Tour Manager and Driver are in charge of the group’s operations and travel, not the group’s participants.

Who are some of your past/present Custom Group clients?

Universities,high schools, religiousyouth groups,band and performance groups and clubs

When is the best time to travel?

Contiki operates tours year-round, however some months are better for group travel than others. The chart below indicates “peak” months when travel can be more expensive and hotel availability may be more difficult to accommodate large groups. “Best time” to travel refers to when we suggest organizing your group travel for better availability, prices and less crowds.

America & Canada May - Sept March - April; Sept - Oct
Europe June, July & August April - May; Sept - Nov
Australia Jan & Feb Year Round
New Zealand Jan & Feb Nov - Dec; March - April
June - Oct (for Snow Skiing)

What about air?

Contiki will be happy to include flights for your group. Or, we can quote on a “land only” package and let you organize your group’s flights.

How long will it take to get a Custom Group quote?

Once you complete the form, depending on the time of year and extent of your travel plans it may take as little as 1 day to get a complete proposal back to you. However, Contiki always strives to take no longer than 7 business days to complete your request for a group proposal.


Australia - Contiki Tours in Australia have a luggage restriction of 1 × 20 kilogram (44lbs) 73cm x 50cm x 25cm (29″ × 20″ × 10″) bag (non-expanding)along with 1 x carry-on bag. Metal frame backpacks, and vanity cases are not permitted as they are difficult to pack and may damage other luggage.

New Zealand - On Contiki New Zealand Tours baggage is restricted to one (non-expanding) reasonably sized suitcase. Metal framed backpacks and vanity cases are not permitted as they may damage others luggage during transit. You may also bring one carry-on bag.

US & Canada - Contiki Tours in the USA and Canada have a luggage restriction of 1 × 20 kilogram (44lbs) bag and 1 x carry-on bag. Any reasonable sized suitcase however is okay. Although your bags won’t be weighed, if your suitcase is too heavy then you will have to load and unload it on and off the bus yourself. (Workplace health and safety for your Driver)

On US tours it’s best to roughly stick to to the 73cm x 50cm x 25cm (29″ × 20″ × 10″) and 20 kilogram (44lb) weight restriction.

If you are returning to Anaheim you will have the option of storing your excess luggage at the Stovalls Inn at Anaheim. Clients not returning to Anaheim should take note of this as they will not be able to bring excess luggage on the coach. On tours with included flights as part of the itinerary, you’ll need to make sure your luggage doesn’t exceed the weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Contiki is not responsible for any costs incurred for overweight luggage.

Europe - Contiki Tours in Europe have a luggage restriction of 1 × 20 kilogram (44lbs) bag and 1 x carry on (roughly 5 kilograms/12lb) bag. This weight restriction is for legal requirements within the European Union as well as for your comfort and safety. The size restriction of you main luggage is 73cm x 50cm x 25cm (29″ × 20″ × 10″) is also observed.

Bags are not measured however you bags will be weighed on tours departing from London and this weight limit is strictly enforced. Please ensure your luggage is of the correct size and weight before departure as these rules cannot be bent or broken. If you are travelling on a Concept/Budget or Camping tour, your sleeping bag is separate and is not included in these restrictions (ie: your sleeping bag is not measured or weighted and can be separate from your luggage).

On tours with included flights as part of the itinerary, you’ll need to make sure your luggage doesn’t exceed the weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Contiki is not responsible for any costs incurred for overweight luggage.

Excess Baggage

If your luggage weighs more than this you have the option of storing your excess luggage the day or evening before the tour departs. The Contiki Basement offers luggage storage as does the Royal National Hotel for people staying there (both at a cost).

South America - There are a couple of important things you need to consider if you’re taking one of our awesome new South America trips, as your baggage needs can vary.

A with our other regions, luggagae is restricted to only one reasonably sized backpack/suitcase & one carry-on bag & luggage policies are strictly enforced on our trips.

Due to the large number of flights on Contiki South America tours, your luggage needs to meet the weight & restrictions imposed by airlines. These limits are imposed by the airlines, not by Contiki. Contiki is not responsible for any costs incurred by overweight luggage. For information regarding airline luggage fees & limits, please visit our comprehensive list linking to airline websites and their specific luggage restrictions.

You are responsible for carrying your own luggage. At times this will be in hotels without elevators (as is common in the region) or on various forms of transport. At hotels without elevators there may be porters but this is not guaranteed.

Please keep your luggage to a maximum suitcase size of 73cm x 50cm x 25cm (29” x 20” x 10”) & maximum weight of 20kg (as shown above) plus one small handbag / daypack that can be used as an overnight bag for Machu Picchu Pueblo (see below).

Luggage for Machu Picchu

Every Contiki trip to Peru includes a train journey round trip to Machu Picchu Pueblo where we overnight. Perurail, the train operator, have strict baggage allowances. You are allowed to carry as hand luggage a day pack/backpack with a weight of no more than 5kg/11lb & with a maximum size of 62 linear inches/157cm (length + height + width). Perurail will charge for excess baggage.

A daypack/backpack of approx 26L capacity is suggested. Contiki will store your main luggage at our Cusco hotel during this time. Baggage is carried at the owner’s risk & baggage insurance is strongly recommended.

Manulife Insurance